Have you ever watched an idol singer's MV over and over again and wished you could own a similar MV product? Is filming yourself a professional music video as difficult and expensive as you thought? Ezmedia will share the basic steps to make an MV, helping you to dispel your doubts and eyes before. Let's refer!

1. Prepare a complete recording

The first thing to have a perfect MV is that you have to prepare a very standard recording. Remember one thing MV is the face of a singer, so you can't invest so well in terms of image that you forget the core is your voice. Choose to record the song that you love and feel most inspired to do the related scenes. You should also invest in the quality of your vocals and recordings.

2. Budgeting example

This is considered an important step in creating a singer's MV. Of course, each person will have a different budget for filming the MV. Don't worry too much about this, a good music and quality MV doesn't always need a lot of money and expensive funding. Need to plan a certain amount of cost to rely on to choose a reputable production team, professional actors or simply "homegrown"? It's like knowing your shoe size to choose the one that fits and is comfortable for your feet. And really, when you have a little money, everything becomes a lot easier, right?


3. Scenario ideation and context selection

In the MV, the most important and necessary thing is the idea, the idea is what brings emotions and empathy to the viewer. So come up with the most creative, unique and coolest idea possible if you want your MV to leave a deep impression in the hearts of viewers. You can build an idea based on a story or simply your favorite way. Of course, one important thing is that the MV content must be related to the song's content. It's like the backbone that you can stick to and make the MV you want. If you have a budget, a strong production team, but your idea is not good, that MV will not necessarily turn out to be a good MV.

The idea has been implemented, usually by now you have an almost complete script. The next thing you need to know is where you will be shooting your MV. Then you have to plan to visit the locations to see exactly what it has, which scene it fits in your MV. Screening and choosing shooting points are what you have to do before going to the MV filming step.

4. Recording MV 

Based on the available script, you and the production team proceed to each scene. The filming schedule needs to take place according to the plan that has been discussed and planned between the director, filming crew and actors to ensure quality and progress.

5. Post-production and final product

In this step, the production team's technicians will synchronize the image and sound, select the beautiful shooting angles and add some necessary effects to make your MV look stunning. more spiritual. Almost at this stage you can completely entrust the technicians to perform. However, one piece of advice for you is that you should directly participate in the MV editing process and add effects, so you will have a complete and satisfactory product.


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